Tesla founder Elon Musk is in talks with the governor of Puerto Rico to help rebuild the island’s power grid using Tesla technologies. 

It all started when Twitter user Scott Stapf asked if Musk could rebuild Puerto Rico’s electricity system with independent solar and battery systems.

On September 20th, Puerto Rico was slammed by hurricane Maria, the worst Atlantic storm on record. As the New York Times reported, the island incurred economic losses that may take 26 years to recover. The hurricane's landfall lasted a comparatively short 12 hours.

In order to restore power to the island, timely and efficient interventions are needed, especially when it comes to rebuilding Puerto Rico’s electrical grid, which is essential for the island’s recovery. This is where new technologies, like the ones developed by Elon Musk enter the scene.

Musk was quick to respond to Stapf’s tweet saying that, in deed, the Tesla team has helped many smaller islands, and there shouldn’t be а reason why they couldn’t do it for Puerto Rico, as long as there is political and public support. 

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló responded on Friday that he is ready to start a conversation and even turn Puerto Rico into the flagship project that will show the world what Tesla technologies are capable of doing. Within just a few hours the initial conversation had already happened. 

At a press conference after the meeting, Rosseló said that he and the executive director of the Electric Power Authority are discussing different options with Musk, like starting a smaller scale project in Vieques and Culebra, or making a type of microgrid in a certain area.


Currently, Musk is in the middle of completing another project that started as a bet on Twitter: building the world's largest battery storage facility in South Australia in 100 days. He has promised that if the project is not completed on time, it will be delivered for free.