Democrats vs. Republicans

I've been mulling over a question the last few days in thinking about democrats vs. republicans, and which ideal is really best for humankind. In order to do it, I went to the furthest extremes of the two ideals -- Socialism & Anarchy. Socialism being "working together" and Anarchy being "reliance on yourself".

I came to the conclusion that America may just have the best answer to the situation. That being... Just keep arguing about it, and let the back and forth transfer of power between these ideals make sure that we never reach either extreme. Socialism ruins production, and Anarchy makes for zero progress. Stay in the middle and you've got the most healthy balance available to humankind. One where we spend a lot of time fighting about each ideal, but at the same time we have medium strong individualism and medium strong community, and we therefore, at the present time, have progress (albeit slower than it could be) and production (as fast as the worlds ever seen).   As it ebbs and flows I'm sure years down the road we'll have great progress and slower production.  As long as we keep swinging back and forth, it seems we're doing the best we can.

Just my humble opinion, (I shouldn't ramble, but...) it leads to the opinion that we are way to divisive in this country but it may be a good thing. Here's to wishing that we could be a bit less divisive by recognizing we're not as far as apart as we think we are. ( Which would be possible without blowhards like the turds at Fox, and Clear Channel. ) Whoops there my division sneaking in.

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