DEAD AQUARIUM Part 1 of 1,000

Part 1 of 1,000

I believe that since the 12 century we have been on a technological march without asking "WHY?". Just 800 years ago if anything went wrong such as sickness,weather or psychology you went to a priest for the answer in scripture. What do we lose for what we gain. Science is the new god and it is failing us now. We are not our higher power..that leads to madness. The more we fertilize and genetic manupulate the more we become vunerable. The great test for the next generation will be the battle for the planet. The Greenhouse Affect will be our WW3. It is not smart to fool with mother nature. Message to pope..THE PLANET IS FULL. The great war is the evolution of the mind. We need to lose our minds and come to our senses. What do I feel? How do I feel? Religion needs to evolve to a spiritual state of connect with all around us. Yoga with western concept of Judao/Christian belief that talk of Love for thy fellow man is the base. You can say all you want about Jesus but he did talk of LOVE. The love you get is equal to the love you make. We need to make less, expect less and want less. This is not about lack of gain but a fulfullment of peace. We still make stuf.. but it is is smart and REALLY ECO/GREEN and it will cost more...but it is the REAL cost...The cost of not damaging the eco system. Ever see an aquarium left unmanaged. When it gets out of balance and it is a DEAD AQUARIUM. Going to space is not the answer. Building Nuclear reactor is just dumping on our children for 20,oo years. We just have to ask the question "What do we gain and what do we lose?" Namaste Palo Luigi

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