Build Yourself a Self-Driving Car for $700

Self-driving hobbyists and researchers can now build a self-driving vehicle for around $700. Utilizing free software and hardware plans from George Hotz's startup Comma, brave enthusiasts are crowdsourcing solutions as we move towards more autonomous vehicles.  

Build Yourself a Self-Driving Car for $700

Look Ma, No Hands

Do you have a sense of adventure, some technical know-how, and about $700? Relying on the free open source software and hardware designs supplied by, you may be able to turn your newer model Honda or Acura into a self-driving car.

You wouldn't be the first.

A college student from the University of Nebraska (Omaha) recently altered his 2016 Honda Civic so that the steering, brakes, and accelerator are controlled by a DIY self-driving kit. The college senior appears to be a bellwether for a growing movement of researchers and hobbyists experimenting with homegrown solutions and available software and hardware plans, as opposed to buying a Telsa with AutoPilot.  

The open-source @Comma_ai initiative is sparking a DIY self-driving car culture.

— Grayson Brulte (@gbrulte) February 23, 2017

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