DABA: Blogs that deserve a bigger audience

Earlier this year I profiled some 'new voices' in the edublogosphere that I thought deserved more attention.

I am going to try and revive (and rebrand) that idea in 2008. In the coming year, I will attempt each Friday to highlight a blog that I believe deserves a bigger audience (DABA). I will be picking blogs that:

  • have new content fairly frequently (i.e., at least a few times a month);
  • have a Technorati authority of less than 100 (I'll probably make exceptions to this now and then); and
  • I think are interesting, provocative, relevant, and/or important to K-12 educators.
  • Most of my picks will be education blogs, although I also will throw in other blogs now and then.

    In order to make these blogs as accessible and visible as possible, I have created a Google Notebook page that will list all DABA blogs to date (I've included my previous 'new voices' blogs too):

    • See list of DABA blogs
    • I also have created a feed that will allow you to read and/or subscribe to all of the DABA blogs in one place:

      • Read DABA posts on a web page
      • Subscribe to DABA posts via RSS
      • Subscribe to DABA posts via e-mail
      • Here's the code if you want to add the DABA blogs as a clip on your web site or a blogroll:

        • DABA clip code
        • DABA blogroll code
        • And, finally, I have created a graphic for anyone who wants to post my recognition of their blog (again, this includes my previous 'new voices' blogs):

          • The Crimson Megaphone
          • Like the Weblog Awards, Edublog Awards, and Bloggies, the goal of the DABA initiative is to help publicize some great blogs that have the potential to make bigger contributions (in this case, to K-12 education). Some might call these blogs the 'Z list' or the 'F list.' Whatever you call them, they deserve to be more visible.

            Contact me if you know of a blog that might be a good candidate for the DABA list. As always, any other suggestions you have for me are welcome as well. I'll begin next Friday!


            Hopefully this blog post also is a good model of how educators can take a group of blogs and make them accessible in different ways by using Google Notebook, Google Reader, and/or Feedburner.

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