DABA: Alice Mercer

[I was supposed to post this last Friday. This is starting to become a

troubling trend...]

My next recipient of the crimson


is Alice Mercer, a teacher in California. It has been very

interesting for me to watch Alice's growth as a blogger over the past year or

so. She's been going gangbusters ever since her move to her new school and her

blog, The Blog of Ms. Mercer, is

definitely one that deserves a bigger audience (DABA).

I particularly appreciate Alice's good cheer and her dedication to serving the

needs of economically-disadvantaged children.

Here are a few posts to get you started:

the "whole" point?

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  • Monkeys

  • Podcasting
  • for ELD

  • What
  • I did over the weekend...

  • Them's
  • fightin' words...but, let's talk it over

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