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Palin’s Ghost

Extracts from Sarah Palin’s ghost writer’s diary detailing her dealings with the former governor have been published in Salon.

Salon has published excerpts from the diary of Lynn Vincent, the far right anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage and theory of evolution editor of Christian World magazine, who is the ghost writer for former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Here’s a taste: “Before we start the formal interview process, I can’t stop myself from asking her: Why me? Why not some bigger, more established name, a Robert Lindsey or Mark Salter? SP takes a sip of her energy drink and narrows her eyes. ‘If I’d wanted a company man,’ she says, ‘I’d have hired one. Lindsey would have given his left nut — excuse my French — to be sitting in that chair. But I want someone who gets it. Who gets that abortion kills more people in this country than cancer, who gets that the Bible is history, that we didn’t just tumble out of the trees and start walking upright. I wanted someone, Lynn, who gets that God isn’t the spare tire. He’s the steering wheel.’ I feel a dizzy jolt in my chest. ‘Wait a second,’ I say. ‘Have you been reading the inspirational quotes on my blog?’”


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