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Nifty Website Teaches You How to Garden Anywhere

The online tool Start A Garden offers amateur green thumbs useful tips for growing veggies no matter where they live.

There are few hobbies and pastimes more relaxing than tending a garden. Unfortunately, many of us live in locations that aren’t entirely conducive to vast agricultural endeavors. An intemperate climate or the particular layout of an apartment building can act as a glove smothering any green thumb. That said, the folks behind Start A Garden, a free and easy web tool, say, “Don’t dismay.” Even if all you’re working with is a red solo cup and the bathroom window, it’s entirely possible to start growing veggies in your own home.

Start A Garden features a swift four-part process in which you:

1. Input what you’re working with, e.g., size of pot, ZIP code, indoor or outdoor garden.

2. Pick from a list of items the site deems growable given your situation.

3. Decide which date you’d like to start growing.

4. View step-by-step instructions and various tips for harvesting, avoiding common errors, and knowing when to water. Here’s an example of what part of the lettuce page looks like:

Start A Garden works similar to the many cooking-by-ingredients tools on the web in which you inventory the items in your pantry so that recipes can be suggested. With little more than a tin can, seeds, soil, and my bedroom window, I can start growing lettuce or Brussels sprouts today. Check out the site (linked again below) to see what’s possible where you live.

Read more at The Huffington Post.

Visit Start A Garden to, well, start a garden.

Photo credit: GoodMood Photo / Shutterstock


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