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Music Post “Controlled Scarcity”

Is chaos the natural order for the innately diverse and fragmented nature of music and its associated industry, asks singer-songwriter Catherine Hol. 

What’s the Big Idea?

One of the overwhelming problems faced by musicians today is the difficulty of ‘standing out’ and being heard above the noise, not drowned out by the herd. Singer-songwriter Catherine Hol says there has been a move from controlled scarcity of creative ‘product’ from a few major players to a flood of creative material as previous barriers were demolished. Suddenly there is a surplus of ideas, an abundance of creative content. She says the online world is a natural fit for the complex interconnectedness of multiple music scenes and independent music.

What’s the Most Recent Development?

A newer, much leaner, non album-centric music industry may be emerging that is rich in potential new revenue streams for artists. At its heart may be the creation of a middle class of artists with higher margins and smaller profits, but longer, more sustainable careers. Artists themselves are increasingly having to embrace the chaos of the new digital ecology and take on duties previously covered by the record companies, and they must engage more directly with fans.


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