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Metrosexuality Is Dead

“The narrative of men rejecting metrosexuality and reclaiming their manhood makes perfect marketing sense.” Douglas Haddow says being a man’s man is the next trend in manhood.

“Every decade or so, a new trend, be it aesthetic or otherwise, emerges to challenge the status quo of what it means to be a man. From the mid-90s up until now, the neologism of the moment was ‘metrosexual’, which was often used to describe men who take pleasure in spending their disposable income on fancy hair gels. But now,spurred on by the popularity of Mad Men and made timely by the onset of the he-session, the metrosexual is being pushed aside in favour of the menaissance. A brave new era of manhood in which men are putting their feet down and reclaiming their manliness from whoever it was that thieved it from them.”


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