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How to Decide Which Drone to Buy With Your Holiday Loot

Personal ownership of drones is set to skyrocket in 2015. Here's what you need to know if you're thinking of buying one this holiday season.

Tech writer Rick Broida believes 2014 was the Year of the Drone, or at least the year that (in his own punny words) drones really took off. In a recent piece over at TIME, Broida lays out a guide for folks with some extra holiday cash burning holes in their pockets and a deep yearning to join the ranks of 2015 drone owners. After all, quadcopters and other similar devices are the hottest toy of the season:

“As sales soared like so many drones, YouTube overflowed with spectacular eye-in-the-sky video clips — the kind you’d normally expect to see from big-budget filmmakers with professional helicopter crews. (And when was the last time a helicopter pilot dared to venture inside a fireworks display?) These new toys afford us the freedom to go where birds go, with much of the same exhilarating speed and maneuverability.”

So what advice does Broida offer to the prospective drone buyer? First, determine what you’ll be using yours for. If it’s a gift for a child (with adult supervision, of course), there are several kid-friendly devices for the young flyer. Second, determine what you’ll be using your drone for. Some devices are designed just for fun, others for more serious endeavors. Broida offers specific recommendations for first-timers, hobbyists, and filmmakers all looking for their ideal product. Check out his entire article (linked below) to get the scoops before you go out to get the goods.

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Photo credit: Robert Mandel / Shutterstock


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