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“Halt and Catch Fire,” A “Mad Men” for Silicon Valley?

AMC just released a trailer for its Silicon Valley drama series “Halt and Catch Fire.” There’s just something about geeks and hackers yelling at each other as though they’re in a sexy political thriller that doesn’t ring true.

Sure, with all the money and deals to be made in Silicon Valley, there’s little doubt that some of its charades would make for interesting television. But this attempt, though it’s received the backing of AMC, seems more lukewarm like “Low Winter Sun” than classics “Breaking Bad” or “Mad Men.” 

If you’re going to cover geeks-behaving-badly, then you should have a little fun, like HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” Now that’s a tech-driven series we look forward to watching. 

Check out the trailer for “Halt and Catch Fire” and tell us what you think: 

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