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Don’t Believe the Hype. Microwave Ovens are Safe.

Urban legends about the dangers of microwave ovens are not grounded in facts. Not only is it a safe way to cook food, there are some dishes that are healthier when heated in a microwave oven.

Ellie Krieger at the Washington Posthas a terrific piece up right covering almost everything you’d ever want to know about microwave ovens. I understand that may not seem like the most exhilarating topic, but the sheer ubiquity of these appliances (you can find one in over 90% of American homes) lends itself to the fulfillment of curiosity.

Krieger particularly takes aim at the bevy of urban legends purporting dangers associated with microwaving your food. While microwave ovens do emit radiation, it’s no more than your cell phone or laptop. If you’re extra cautious, all you have to do is step away from the machine when it’s on. 

Other issues tackled include nutrition (it’s among the healthiest ways to heat vegetables) and microwaving plastic containers (as long as they’re microwave-save). Take a look at Krieger’s article (linked again below) and let us know what you think.

“Microwaving can be a healthful, convenient way to cook. Just be sure your appliance is in good repair and use a microwave-safe container. The biggest health risk involved is probably the foods you choose to microwave. Rather than use it for heating hyper-processed salty meals and snacks, try it out with more healthful items, such as fresh vegetables.”

Read more at The Washington Post

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