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Big Thinker Wins a Signed Copy of Bret Easton Ellis’ “Imperial Bedrooms”

We received a lot of great contributions for our Bret Easton Ellis question contest! Some of our favorite contributions came from the following Big Thinkers:

Arlinda Shtun, who asked: “If he were writing the 21st century version of ‘American Psycho’ what would it look like?”

Jonathan O’Brien, who asked “While you were writing American Psycho what was your general mood / mind state? Did you tend to isolate yourself from other people during this time, or are you unaffected by the extremeness of the imagery you create?”

Dale D Murphy, who wrote, “Hey Mr. Ellis: Many of your works contain situations where huge politically vicious forces seem to function just ‘off the page’ and, unfortunately, while in graduate school years back I became connected as a graduate student with exactly that reality: there are forces with immense power active throughout cultures now; is your writing imaginary, or have you experienced in your own world some of the weird power that underlies both your work and, say, The Coen Brothers’ ‘No Country for Old Men?'”

However, Catherine Kustanczy, who asked, “How do you think iPads (& the like) will impact the way books are written & conceived? how much will technology inform or influence the writing process?” takes the prize!

Catherine, we will be in touch with you shortly to mail you a signed copy of Ellis’s new novel, “Imperial Bedrooms.” If you want to be notified to when our video interview with Bret Easton

Ellis is posted, please subscribe to The Voice of

Big Think RSS feed.

Thanks for participating, everyone!


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