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The U.K. is putting up $2 million to fund paid theater internships for young adults in order to develop the country’s cultural ambitions.

“Young people looking to break into the creative industries are to be given a boost, after the government confirmed £1.3 million of funding to help create 200 new jobs in the sector. They will be open to people aged 18-24, who have been claiming benefits, and will include posts such as theatre technician, costume and wardrobe assistant, community arts officer and business administrator. All will include a level of accredited training, mentoring and support in a bid to ensure that the young people are given the skills to progress. Creative & Cultural Skills wil be working with Job Centre Plus and regional partners in England and Wales to administer the scheme. Tom Bewick, chief executive of CCSkills, said: ‘A job in the creative and cultural industries remains an impossible dream for too many young people. And currently in the UK one in five young people under 25 are unemployed. Yet, we know that the creative sector is already driving economic recovery and is key to Britain’s future in which talent, wherever it may come from, will help drive innovation, enterprise and creativity.’”


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