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Big Think’s 10 Most Popular Videos of 2009

As we usher in a new year and say good-bye to the old one, let’s take a last look at the ten most watched Big Think videos of 2009.  You, our dear users, voted with your eyeballs.  What can we discern from your collective choices?  That you were interested in love, happiness, money, and sex came as no surprise.  But we could not have predicted that you’d also be taken with immortality, Internet standards, backroom antics at The New York Times, and two British comedians’ embrace of nonreligious spirituality. Here the videos are, in decreasing order of popularity:

  • 1. When Jesus Was My Babysitter (Ricky Gervais)
  • 2. Kurzweil’s Secrets of Eternal Life (Ray Kurzwel)
  • 3. Five Ways to Become Happier Today (Tal Ben-Shahar)
  • 4. Why We Need Web Standards (Jeffrey Zeldman)
  • 5. Mary Roach Explores the Clitoris (Mary Roach)
  • 6. Getting Drunk at The New York Times (Gay Talese)
  • 7. Noam Chomsky on Love (Noam Chomsky)
  • 8. The Importance of Unbelief (Stephen Fry)
  • 9. Thinking Yourself to Orgasm (Barry Komisaruk)
  • 10. Making Money Less Abstract (Dan Ariely)

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