Win a Nokia N82 Prize Package!

I love this kind of film contest – one that focuses on the intersection of positivity, creativity and technology. It’s right up my Alley (digital film guy and all).  So it’s with great happiness that I’m announcing this contest!


Pangea Day: Uplift the World with Video!


The 2008 Nokia Mobile Film Awards are rewarding filmmakers that represent one of four positive themes in a video shot on a mobile phone. The films will be part of Pangea Day, occurring on May 10th. Pangea Day is about promoting peace through familiarity with other cultures, and if you’re not familiar with it you should watch this GREAT presentation on the event from TED).


OK, here’s the details:


I will judge all entries left in these comments for creativity and originality. The winner will be notified on May 11th and will receive an AWESOME prize package, courtesy of Womworld. The Prize is a Nokia N82 phone, a carrying case, tripod, memory card, headphones and speakers!


Here’s the rules:


Your video must be shot on a mobile device and be no longer than 2 minutes. It MUST be uploaded to AND linked in the comments to this blog post. You can pick from the following four topics:

  1. Film an act of kindness.
  2. \n
  3. Film the best part of today.
  4. \n
  5. Film the next thing that makes you smile.
  6. \n
  7. Film the next person to inspire you.
  8. \n

That’s it, simple eh? I want to give that phone away to someone – so get cracking on submissions.


*UPDATE* I’m sweetening the pot with my own prizes! Along with the awesome prize package, I’ll also give you two free hours of consulting time figuring out a strategy for using mobile video and video promotion to benefit what your goals are AND one free year of RapOuts Premium Promotion.


So now the prize package is valued at over $2,000 – get those films in (deadline is April 30th)!!


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