The Future of Web Apps


I have had a great weekend, attended the Dew Action Sports Tour as a VIP for Free, got seats at a Dave Matthews Band Concert on Fri for free, and Premiered my first movie, Something More Important, on Sunday. The newest turn of events in my great weekend saga occurred today, I had two great job interviews and got a call from my dad to see if I’d like to goto The Future of Web Apps. Seems like this may turn into a great week.

I’m really stoked to hear from the likes of Mike Arrington and Kevin Rose. I think they are both clearly smart guys, and I really think I’m gonna dig Rose’s speech “from one idea to nine million page views.” John Battelle is going to be book signing (you better bet my copy of The Search is getting autographed.

It seems to me that Day 1 will be alot of theory (with the exception of Kevin Rose’s talk) and is not the day I’m looking forward to the most.

Day 2 however is a total knockout, a 10, a wowza! Delving into the cool stuff and the applicable lessons. Arrington discusses “What’s next for web apps: building tomorrow’s Flickr.” I like the way Arrington writes and the man is a Silicon Valley All-Star so I’m loking forward to hearing him speak. There will also be talks of bringing in 3rd-party funding, software development, and web app design. All the talks on this day look very interesting.

I will be blogging from the event, look for posts here as the time flys by.

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