Lunchtime at Carson Workshops

I’m hanging out at The Future of Webapps seminar and have a small break in which to sum up some really cool ideas from this mornings talks.

Dick Hardt is an awesome speaker (and demoman as he showed in his 5 min of fame segment) – always have enjoyed his podcasts and seeing him live was not a disappointment. Identity 2.0 is I think the most important concept we are currently seeing and love to hear Dick speak about it, nothing really new in the talk but generally great ideas of moving data into the user’s machine (or thumbdrive, website, whatever) that can then be ported to other sites. I have a lot of love for the idea of owning my own data and think it would be relatively easy to export data to a saved file – just need the sites to be able to port over data from other sites. I have some cool ideas on this that are tied into a current project… more on that when I’m allowed to tell :)

Kevin Rose delivered an interesting preeso(his term – I think I’m going to steal it) on the history of digg. This talk was pretty much just an overview of digg but it did have some interesting lessons to take away about building webapps. I loved his take on designing the site and choosing when/how/why to develop/roll out features.

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