Intelligence lives at a bar

On 12.18.06 (Monday) I was visiting the local tavern near my work with a colleague. We saunter into the Napper Tandy (24th and S. Van Ness – quite a dive bar, but you can often find my colleagues and I enjoying a beverage or some corned beef and cabbage). We talked about many different topics. We touched on marriage (we both had experienced the almost leep into marriage only to not go for different reasons), philosophy (both Phil majors in college), travel, business, etc.

Wes and I finally got into a debate about the origin of the idea that virtue lies in the middle of two extremes. I was sure it was Aristotle, my buddy was confident it was either Socrates or Plato. We argued in good spirits for a few minutes before I tried to make the point that whoever it was, that it has a parallel in the idea that great things come from the intersection of two seperate areas. So the academic my friend Wes is, he suggests the best example of this I’ve heard in ages. Of course I’m speaking of Chunky Monkey – the delicious mixture of Fudge and Banana, brought to us by the lovable Ben and Jerry. Now we had clearly devolved from philosophy into the realm of silly, he suggested it was Aristotle who first came up with Chunky Monkey. I agreed, we both had quite a laugh and migrated to the pool table for random daubauchry with another co-worker. Later that evening, I was approached by another patron saying how impressed he was that he could still hear a debate about greek philosophers in a bar and that I had shown him hope for my generation. I was glad to be of service. The man went on to ask if Aristotle had really invented Chunky Monkey Ice Cream.

Oh old drunk man at the bar – how you disappoint my hopes for your generation. Wes on the other hand, you are an entertaining fellow and write a helluva blog.

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