Excellent Video Discription of Web 2.0

Check this out — great summary of web 2.0, wonderful message. Perhaps a new Web 2.0 slogan? “The Machine is Us/ing us”

This is why I love video. If Michael Wesch said this or wrote this it would be mildly interesting and I’d be happy to have read it. I might call it to the attention of a friend or someone who shares my interest in the Internet and all the new things happening in our culture.

However because it’s a video I share it with a lot of people. This affects me more deeply because it actively engages many different senses, I’m focusing more energy into digesting it and I feel more involved then just reading text.

The real miracle for me is that it is a reproducible awesome experience. This is better then seeing Wesch deliver this message live even, because I know this video isn’t going to have an “off” night. I can share this with my friends, family, colleagues, and blog readers because I KNOW they are going to get an amazing delivery.

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