An organization I’m working with is looking to hire a design-thinker to help build an exceptional global brand.

If you’re waiting in the wind to be the next Eston Bond, Jason Putorti, or Dustin Curtis (i.e. you’ve got the chops, you just need the opportunity to hone and the platform to work with), this could be a killer opportunity for you.

Bold claim, I know… why do I think that?

  • You get ownership of the brand: at the end of the day, you will be the voice in the company fighting for design-thought and UX. We care about excellence in brand, experience, and design — you’ll have a huge amount of influence in the company at large.
  • You’ll get to work with an advisory board of impressive leaders from the deisgn, marketing, and branding spaces. The reason I’m helping this organization is that their team is incredibly good at getting impressive, top-notch people excited and ready to contribute time/money.
  • Your work will help shape a movement that’s incredibly positive and powerful for the world we live in. You will be doing good.
  • You get to work with a great team.
  • You’ll be able to live. The wage is the least compelling part of this offer, but, this is a paying job that will let you live your life in San Francisco.

So, if you’re a great designer and the above sounds interesting to you — I invite you to check out our job description:

If you’re interested in the position, send your background/portfolio to

For posterity, the job posting is copied below the fold:

Brand Manager and Designer

We’re looking for an incredibly rare and valuable individual: a design thinker capable of building the elements of an exceptional global brand from scratch.

For the right person, this is an extraordinary opportunity: taking control of the identity and UX for a stealth initiative responsible for supercharging radical innovation to tackle humanity’s great challenges. This is an opportunity to work with our impressive advisory board in creating clear, emotional, evocative experiences for a global community of world-class thinkers.

We like that.

Who are we?
Five people from diverse backgrounds, now focused on building an iconic platform to inspire, honor, and empower both current and new people working on the most important opportunities for large-scale, long-term impact.

We’re incubated by The Long Now Foundation (, the world’s leading institution for long-term thinking and responsibility.

An advisory board is being brought together with industry leaders from creative agencies, branding and marketing legends, and people responsible for some of the world’s most impressive creative work. Everyone has agreed to spare cycles to work with our design leader, providing valuable feedback and helping guide the creative work.

Aside from our design advisors, our growing team has some pretty cool backgrounds as well. Between us, we’ve founded companies, built pre-eminent institutions, curated conferences attended by renowned leaders, and engaged in sophisticated modeling and research in multiple industries. Most importantly, we’ve learned that we don’t know it all and need to work together with amazing people to accomplish audacious goals. And boy do we have some audacious goals…

We’ve dedicated our time toward positively influencing forward-looking ideas – and the quality of organizations and people endorsing us shows their confidence in our ability to execute this new vision at scale.

We’re committed to excellence, especially with branding and user experience, given the importance of creating an extraordinary, rich experience for our audience. We’re looking for the right person to infuse great design into our organizational DNA. Someone who will be empowered to pursue bold directions with the brand.

About you:
We’re seeking someone with passion for using design thinking to influence all aspects of an organization. Fundamentally, we want someone who’s capable of producing one of the greatest brands in history. Think Apple and Nike, but for elevating the allure and prestige of furthering daring ideas that can enable humanity’s long-term promise.

The ideal person has:

  • Interactive design chops and the portfolio to prove it
  • The ability to design for multiple mediums, on and offline
  • Experience with high-end identity design
  • A desire to own the creation of a world-class brand that people love worldwide
  • An interest in how people are adapting to the changing times
Comp: negotiated based on experience.
Terms: hire or contract to hire.

Send your background/portfolio to to apply.