Well, I told you it was coming. This blog would get a redesign and be relaunched into the world as my personal web playground, and by-gone-it this time I would be a regular blogger.  It’s probably a pipedream at this point to think I’ll ever be anything other then semi-regular, what with twitter and tumblr already taking up WAY to much time.

But, finally, I sat down to port over my drupal site to wordpress and made a really stupid mistake, really early on. I don’t want to get into why, or how, or any details – but I’ve deleted my database without backing it up.

After dealing with this nightmare all night, I’m gonna hit the hay. The site design is halfway there and the site itself seems to be working OK. I’ll try and see if I can’t get some old posts populated in here soon — hopefully this is the last time I ever move blogging platforms. Cut me some slack over lack of content for a little while and until I pen some pages on this site, I’ll link them to my other site at Willis Media Group.