Courage. What does one think of when they hear this word? To some it is going above and beyond the call of duty for an important cause. To others it is facing one's fears and overcoming them. To me courage involves three characteristics: Faith, Strength, and Self-Sacrifice. Having faith means that one can overcome what they are facing if they believe in their beliefs. In order to have strength one needs to have faith because it is faith that gives someone their true inner strength. Then finally, self-sacrifice. Having this means that you are willing to go to great lengths in facing what needs to be overcome not only for yourself but for others. If any one of these in lacking, then a person does not have courage.

To me, this says a lot. I think that Field Marshall Manstein sums it up fairly well when he said "strength in character and inner fortitude are decisive factors."

To overcome the hardships in life takes a lot of courage. If you have a lot of courage, that says a lot about who you are.

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