Couldn't find diet that worked so I created my own NO-EAT-DAY-DIET. It's free!

At 6 feet tall I was almost 200 lbs about 20 years ago, but weighed 158 lbs this morning. I couldn't find a diet that worked so I created my own: NO-EAT-DAY-DIET. Here's how it works:

(1) You have to weigh yourself every day.

(2) If you weigh more than your target weight (mine is 163 lbs), then it is a no-eat day. You may not eat anything at all, but only drink plain water for the entire day.

I hate no-eat days, so if I had a big lunch, I will skip dinner to avoid a no-eat day. I run into a no-eat day less than once every six months. If you are careful, you can avoid them altogether.

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