Corporate collusion

Voice mail - I believe it is collusion between the major phone companies and corporations. You get automatically channeled into a system that on face value is designed to pre-screen the customer and direct them to the appropriate individual or answer center that specifically addresses their need(s).

They ask you to enter your name or account number, the last 4 os your social security number and often times much more (and you do), they then give you a directory to choose from (and you do) the entire process taking up to 7 minutes to complete. You quietly await for one of the specialist that you have been directed to answer the phone (often having to suffer through muzak or worst a plethora of advertisements)and lo-and-behold some one comes on the line ....and what is the first thing they ask for?

The same goddamn information you were required to get to them in the first place followed by the oh so familiar...."How may I help you?"

It was my belief that they funnelled me to you because you were THE individual thaat had the answers to my plight?!

No you say.....I have proof.

Some of us caught onto the process and immediately dialed "O" to get to a human voice and were once quickly directed to the appropriate place...but they caught on. dial "O" now and what do you get?

"I'm sorry but i did not understand that command..." back to square one.

What do you think? I think that there are some major kickbacks going on!

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