Contest winner - Dismaying class assignments

It's time to announce the 'winner' of the Dismaying Class Assignments Contest. With due recognition to Heather Voran's music notation note cards, Rick Tanski's (and David Keane's) tissues for class credit, Louise Maine's biome coloring, Amy Vejraska's number scroll (complete with sand bucket prize!), and all of the other worthy entrants, I'm going to award a CASTLE mug to Sylvia Martinez for her entry regarding high school students' coat hanger mobiles. Molly, you were an extremely close second with your entry about alphabetizing Revolutionary War battles...

Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for my next contest!

How to bring more confidence to your conversations

Entrepreneur and author Andrew Horn shares his rules for becoming an assured conversationalist.

  • To avoid basing action on external validation, you need to find your "authentic voice" and use it.
  • Finding your voice requires asking the right questions of yourself.
  • There are 3-5 questions that you would generally want to ask people you are talking to.
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Bespoke suicide pods now available for death in style

Sarco assisted suicide pods come in three different styles, and allow you to die quickly and painlessly. They're even quite beautiful to look at.

The Sarco assisted suicide pod
Technology & Innovation

Death: it happens to everyone (except, apparently, Keanu Reeves). But while the impoverished and lower-class people of the world die in the same ol' ways—cancer, heart disease, and so forth—the upper classes can choose hip and cool new ways to die. Now, there's an assisted-suicide pod so chic and so stylin' that peeps (young people still say peeps, right?) are calling it the "Tesla" of death... it's called... the Sarco! 

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Scientists find a horrible new way cocaine can damage your brain

Swiss researchers identify new dangers of modern cocaine.

Getty Images
Mind & Brain
  • Cocaine cut with anti-worming adulterant levamisole may cause brain damage.
  • Levamisole can thin out the prefrontal cortex and affect cognitive skills.
  • Government health programs should encourage testing of cocaine for purity.
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