Is the Vocation Crisis a Myth?

According to Father Thomas Joseph White, the shortage of priests in America is not one of the major sources of religious crisis. The important thing is to maintain strict standards, such as celibacy, for the priesthood in order to reinforce the sacredness of the vocation. He also tells the story of his own calling to the priesthood.

Father Thomas Joseph White’s Heroes

Dominican Friar Thomas Joseph White talks about two of his heroes: a medieval spiritual pioneer and a modern literary icon

Reasoning About God

Are those content to simply have faith in God "incomplete" compared to those who try to reason about his existence? Dominican Friar Fr. Thomas Joseph White talks to Big Think about the spiritual importance of reason, and the doubts that a rational approach to spirituality may or may not lead to.

American Misconceptions About Religion and Politics

Dominican Friar Thomas Joseph White unpacks the ambiguousness of religion’s impact on American politics and explains that, though he does not consider the secularization of society a personal crisis, that the tendency of some public figures to consider religious voices "necessarily fundamentalist" impedes an important discussion about universal moral goods in public policy.