What is Driving Change in Afghanistan

Most families nowadays have no alternative but to allow their women, their daughters, wives and so forth to go out to the workforce.

The most important thing in Afghanistan has been necessity, economic hardship and the fact that women have to work. 

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Why Afghanistan is Still Relevant

I think we would like our friends outside of Afghanistan to ask why Afghanistan is important to the world and why the world should persist with Afghanistan. And my answer to that is that is if we abandon the myopic, short-term approach to politics in the region, I think Afghanistan plays a very important role in terms of where it’s situated between South Asia, with a nuclear Pakistan; a potentially nuclear Iran; Central Asia, which has vast wealth in terms of resources; the Middle East; China and Russia, and of course because of its history and how terrorist organizations basically were able to establish themselves in that region. I think that’s one important thing.

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Dancing with the Stars in Afghanistan

Saad Mohseni has launched the most popular TV company in Afghanistan, which features independent news, music and entertainment. In fact, Mohseni describes Afghanistan today as the way the U.S. was in the 1950s. But the rate of change is very much accelerated, meaning "Afghanistan will resemble the western world vis-à-vis media probably in the next five to ten years."