The Argument for Genetically Modified Foods

From a health standpoint there really is not one shred of evidence that genetically modified food has any impact on health other than beneficial. 

Genetic modification has been very widely used now in agriculture for a long time.  It’s fantastically effective and it will have a big impact on the ability of the world to feed itself or to make bio-fuels and so on.  

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The Evolution of Evolution: Darwin's Gemmule Theory Revisited

We’re beginning to find evidence that epigenetics can, in fact, influence the next generation in a way that’s at least partially Lamarckian.

The advances in genetics have been absolutely amazing over the last few decades since the discovery that DNA was the hereditary material. For example, we’ve sequenced the genomes of many, many different organisms, including at this point, hundreds of plant genomes. And so we now can read the genetic code very easily.  

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