The Vindication of Spinoza, the Most Lovable of Philosophers

It’s explanation all the way down even though we won’t get to it because the explanations are infinite and we’re finite. That’s Spinoza’s guide.  

When I was coming up through graduate school and was a young assistant professor, Spinoza was really out of fashion.  He is a metaphysician.  He tries to deduce the nature of the world through pure reason. 

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The Way We Debate the Existence of God is Different Today

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: Religious belief is now something that scientists are looking at and trying to explain and I don’t think it's an accident that the most prominent atheist writers come from the domain of evolutionary psychology. 

When I used to teach the philosophy of religion or arguments for the existence of God, 20, 25 years ago it didn’t provoke a lot of discussion in the classroom. Now it’s really escaped from the classroom.  It’s in the public square and it’s interesting why now. 

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A Marriage of True Minds

Novelist and philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein is married to cognitive scientist Steven Pinker. What have they learned about love, from study and experience?

A Plausible Argument for God?

The philosopher explains the "moral argument" for the existence of God and why it still holds some appeal for contemporary philosophers.