Is Jay-Z an Occultist?

Symbols like the pentagram, the eye in the pyramid, and astrological symbols have a certain magnetic power. Rapper Jay-Z uses these images not because he believes in them, but because he brilliantly recognizes their power.

How the Ouija Board Swept America

The author gives a brief history of the Ouija Board, the wildly popular artifact that came out of the spiritualist movement and captivated America for a century. It is now less popular because of the Christian right, he says.

Why People Need Alternative Spiritualities

People need modern doorways to explore universal religious and ethical ideas, and alternative spiritualities like the occultism and new ageism do just that, says the author.

Does Quantum Physics Confirm The Occult?

Rather than discrediting the occult, recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics seem to reaffirm a place for mystical ideas. But the author cautions both sides not to jump to hasty conclusions.