How Entrepreneurship Is Like Acting

Entrepreneurship, like theater, requires you to imagine something that doesn't exist. Hollywood star Jeffrey Wright explains how his training on the stage prepared him to found a mineral company and non-profit in Sierra Leone.

The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once wrote that if authors could infuse their stories with enough "semblance of truth," readers would suspend their disbelief of the clearly fabricated tale. Almost 200 years later, actor and entrepreneur Jeffrey Wright tells Big Think that starting a business requires a similar suspension of disbelief on the part of investors, employees, stakeholders, and even the entrepreneur himself. 

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Ray Kurzweil: Solar Will Power the World in 16 Years

Solar power, driven by exponentially-increasing nanotechnology, will satisfy the entire world's energy needs in 16 years. 

What's the Big Idea?

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Will Chinese Capitalism Replace the Free Market?

"China does not have to impose this model on anyone," says Cambridge research fellow Stefan Halper. "It is admired and envied by millions of people in the world beyond the West."

Last month, the Shanghai World Expo 2010 attracted just over 73 million visitors during its six-month run, shattering previous Expo attendance records and making it one of the largest events ever staged. This had, of course, been China's goal all along; it was a matter of national pride and yet another demonstration of China's waxing might. But as the New York Times reported, China may have forced its own citizens to attend in order to meet its goal. State-run tourist agencies and state corporations handed out free travel vouchers in order to satisfy government-imposed attendance quotas. And if workers did not make the sometimes day-long trip to Shanghai, their wages could be cut. 

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The Rise of Virtual Economies

As our lives become ever more virtual, retailers are betting there will be increasing demand for virtual goods as well. In the future, gaming and retail will be a fully integrated experience.

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