We Should Be Ashamed of Our Prisons

In 100 years Americans will look back with horror at our current penal system. The U.S. incarcerates one-quarter of world’s prisoners despite having only 4% of its population.

Why It’s Weird That We Honor Snooki

Philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah weighs in on the "Jersey Shore" star.

Can Individuals Spark a Moral Revolution?

Individuals like William Wilberforce of the abolitionism movement or Kang Youwei of the anti-foot-binding movement helped sway public opinion to a tipping point at which society’s perception reversed.

Using Honor to End Honor Killings

Honor killings will end only once a majority of people identifies them with dishonor rather than honor. The proper response to an honor killing should therefore be not "Who cares about honor?" but "What kind of honor is it to kill an unarmed woman?"