The New Face of Slavery in America

Conservative estimates say that there are 50,000 slaves in the U.S., and less than half of these are being sexually exploited—the rest could be in your neighbor’s backyard or in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant.

The Worst Countries for Slavery

Military juntas like Burma and failed states like the Congo are, unsurprisingly, fertile grounds for slavery. But the practice thrives even in developed countries like Japan and the United States.

How to Spot Slavery in Your Backyard

There are some tell-tale signs that someone is being forced to work against his or her will. Would you recognize them?

How Slavery Begins—And Hopefully Ends

Most modern slaves are people who, driven by economic desperation, agree to take jobs far from their homes thinking they will help feed their families. Only when they are severed from their community do they realize what has happened.