Demography Takeaway

Cohen explains that population, economics, and environment are a dynamic, interconnected system – and that no single element holds the key to solving the world's problems.

More People, in More Cities, Living Longer

In 2050 there will be about 9 billion people in the world. The vast majority of them will live in urban areas, and will have a significantly higher average age than people today.

Why Won't the West Reproduce?

In wealthy nations across the world, population growth rates have rapidly declined from their peak in 1965. The reasons behind this are varied and rife with complications, as scientists still don’t know why people choose to have children.

An Ecologist, an Economist, and a Statistician Go on a Deer Hunt…

The world of comedy hasn't exactly been kind to scientists, but here are a couple of jokes in which math nerds get the last laugh.