A Must See...

The documentary is 2 hours long so I suggest you take the time to watch the whole thing.  Very well produced and has plenty of great information.

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Is There Symbology With The DOW Dropping 777 Points Today?

Maybe this means with the downfall of the old and corrupt economy some new form of trade and barter will arise that is more fair and just.  Here in California, the immigrants who work harder in one day than trust fund babies work in their entire lives will never be allowed to join a country club (though they might work at one) or experience anything 'high class' that for some reason the rich 'deserve'.

Member of "Elitist Family" Speak's Out

It gave me a better insight to faith/beliefs when I read this this little Q and A, where the A's came from a self proclaimed member of one of the "Elitist Families" working behind the scenes throughout Earth's history.

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Never Forget the Divinity of Your Consciousness

You being able to read this and form an opinion on this is a miracle in itself.

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