Henry Rollins: Education is the End of Disaster Capitalism

Henry Rollins says "let’s make college tuition either free or really low and if you have a country full of whip-crack smart people you have a country the rest of the world will fear."

Back to School with Punkle Henry (Rollins)

The legendary punk rocker offers some advice to today's youth.

Henry Rollins’ 3 Rules For Success As An Artist/Entrepreneur

So you want to be Henry Rollins, kid? Bad news. The job’s already taken. The good news is that following Henry’s three golden rules gives you strong odds of success on your own, unique path as an artist/entrepreneur – the one that only you can carve out.

Henry Rollins: Music Is Powerful, but It Can't Stop a War

Music has amazing inspirational powers, says former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins – but only collective action can stop a war or change a government.