London's a shallow Christian sea with islands of other faiths​

Although London is predominantly Christian, this map shows an archipelago of different faiths throughout the city.

Religions are universal and transcendent, but they're also local and personal. This map shows where in London religious people live—quite often, very close to other people of the same faith.

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Highest resolution of any continent: A stunning new map of Antarctica

Not so long ago, we had better maps of Mars than of Antarctica. Now, Antarctica is the best-mapped continent in the world.

Not so long ago, we had better maps of Mars than of Antarctica. But in one fell swoop, the South Pole has moved from bottom to top of the class. The world's southernmost continent now is the world's best-mapped land mass. And for that, we may thank REMA, the Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica.

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Does this world map finally tell the truth (or just lie a little less)?

Three scientists have produced a map of the world which accurately reflects the size of all the continents. They're calling the Equal Earth Projection.

All maps lie. They can't help it: they're two-dimensional representations of a three-dimensional object — the Earth.

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In 1921, Canada developed a secret plan to invade the U.S.

America's fear of an Anglo-Japanese alliance led Canada to worry about a U.S. attack—and in the end, devise a scheme for a 'pre-emptive invasion' of its southern neighbor.

“Very dishonest and weak”: that’s what Trump called Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau just a few months ago. And now the president wants to exclude Canada from a revised NAFTA. Yes, U.S.-Canada relations have been better.

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