“People With Depression Commit Suicide”

Get professional help as fast as you can if you suffer from depression, says Dick Cavett, who wishes that he had received help earlier.

How to Become a Respectable Comedian

Like many of the greats, Dick Cavett is not entirely sure just how he made it in the comedy business, but he does believe there are certain innate qualities that can help you succeed without pandering to the masses.

The Magic of Comedy

Both Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett started out as young magicians and maintained the craft throughout their careers. So which late-night legend was better?

How to Scare Richard Nixon

As Dick Cavett knows from personal experience, Nixon was remarkably intelligent, with a wrath that was incredibly stealthy. The president wanted to "screw" Cavett because the talk show host objected to Nixon’s plans to deport John Lennon.