Brain Speed: An Evolutionary Tradeoff

When I touch my finger to my nose I actually don’t want the signal from my nose to go too fast. 

We tend to think of our experience as just sort of happening to us instantaneously, so I don’t think when I talk to someone that they are across the room and therefore there is a certain amount of time that it takes for me to hear what they’re saying.  We just think that everything happens in real time, but you know the fact is that we perceive the world through this organ the brain and it works kind of like a telegraph.

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On the Strange Prevalence of Geek Tatoos

One of the most interesting ways to get into the minds of scientists is to look at their tattoos.

I was very surprised to discover that a fair number of scientists have some very interesting tattoos and the way I discovered this was that a friend of mine who is a geneticist was at a pool party with his kids and he was in the pool and I noticed on his shoulder there was this DNA tattoo and I said that’s cool and he said, “Yeah, well you know what is really cool is that I’ve spelled my wife’s initials in the genetic code.” 

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Why Your Brain Is Slow (And Fast, Too)

Your finger is farther from your nose than your brain. So when your finger touches your nose, why do both organs feel the sensation at the same time?

What Would Your Science Tattoo Be?

Carl Zimmer’s blog, "The Loom," often features pictures of readers’ science tattoos. Is he hiding any himself?