In Praise of Ty Cobb, Joltin' Joe, and the Babe

The greatest baseball player ever was Babe Ruth. Not only because every home run hit after him "has his DNA in it," but also for his prowess as a pitcher. "This man was a hell of a player."

Is Baseball's Steroids Scandal Overhyped?

Steroids aren't as big a problem as the press has made them out to be. "And if they are, we’ve got a pitcher on steroids throwing to a batter on steroids who’s hitting to a fielder on steroids. You’re looking for one-upmanship."

What's Wrong With Boxing Today?

Heavyweight champions today are so anonymous that you could put them all in a police lineup in gloves, robes, and trunks, holding their belts aloft, and no one would know who they were.

The Intellectual Aspects of Boxing

"Sometimes the man’s IQ ain’t too high, but his boxing IQ is." All fighters make mistakes in the ring—the great ones put that information into their mental computer and learn from it.