Business Needs Cross-Disciplinary Learning

Listening to voices who may be outside the mainstream, actually is a crucial way to succeed in business in the 21st Century. 

To succeed in business today you have to have the ability to understand a lot of different perspectives.  The best thing that anyone can do is to go out and listen to institutions and to people who are outside their comfort zone. 

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Calling on Business to Make Our Lives Better

Aron Cramer: Business is the creative force in society that can help us find ways to make our lives better. If business doesn’t take up the challenge, I think we all have quite a lot to lose. 

The world has immense changes in front of us.  We have a growing population.  Natural resources are becoming more constrained and more expensive.  We have cities that are growing at a pace that we’ve never seen before. 

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Business at Its Best is An Engine for Change

Business at it’s best it can be an engine of the kind of change that we all want to help us live better lives.

There’s a great opportunity for business leaders to leave behind something even larger than a successful quarter or a rising share price, and that’s the legacy of actual change that creates thriving communities, healthy people in a thriving environment. 

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21st Century Business Skills Go Way Beyond Finance

It’s not enough just to understand finance, you have to understand what the human rights community thinks.

The world has changed not only for CEOs but for people who are coming into business for the first time.  And the kinds of skills and the kinds of thinking that are crucial for MBA students or people entering the workforce are the ability to see across different issues. 

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