A Legacy of Behavioralism in the Neurology of Emotion

Neurologists learned about how emotion originates in the brain from people like Phineas Gage, who had a spike driven into his head. By learning about the specific impairment of a range of emotions, scientists learned the origins of how brains feel things.

The Convergence and Divergence of Memory

From a neural standpoint, memory structures "are in of themselves rather dumb," says Damasio. "It’s not that they know anything consciously. What they know is they have a sort of internal testimony of the simultaneous occurrence of certain things at a certain point."

A Neurological Basis for Free Will

"We do have a measure of control," says Damasio, "but it is not true that we have full control and it is not true that when we are executing an action we are necessarily controlling it at that moment consciously."

A Conversation With Antonio Damasio and Siri Hustvedt

The USC neurobiologist and novelist speak about various topics on neurology and memory.