Do We Need Philosophy in Prisons?

With the American prison system coming under fire for being inhumane, could philosophy provide some much needed compassion to its prisoners?

It’s a well-known fact that the United States is incarcerating more people than any other country in the world - and the prison system has been widely criticized for its inhumane practices, inefficiency, and high recidivism rates.

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The Universal Basic Income: Why Finland Is Giving Away Free Money

The Finnish government is giving its citizens money, plain and simple. But what's the catch? And will it work?

At the beginning of this year, Finland has decided to give its citizens free money. No strings attached. No questions asked. 

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Has Science Conquered Metaphysics, and All of Philosophy?

What - if anything - makes metaphysics still relevant? And what's the relationship between science and metaphysics?



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The Philosophy of Drag: What Do RuPaul and Nietzsche Have in Common?

In the glamor-filled world of drag queens, fashion and "ethical self-fashioning" might be closer than we think. 

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