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Communist China, its Confucius People and Olympics

Communist China, its Confucius People and Olympics Forwards: The following is not academic writing, however references are easy to be found, information are 99% are true!  Because this is not academic writing, the funny and oddly English of NYTime’s Maureen Dowd OR BUSHISH ENGLISH WILL BE USED. YOU KNOW, I KNOW! I TAUGHT ABOUT 10 YEARS IN ONE OF THE UNIVERSITIES IN HONG KONG, AS AN AMERICAN, I CAN SPEAK AND WRITE CHINESE BETTER THAN ANY SO-CALLED CHINESE EXPERT IN AMERICA! I know China!  

If you know the Communist -ruled China (CCHINA), the rising China is   not so afraid as the Western described and thought.

 Let us review the history of the diplomatic principles of CCHINA, the first noted one, the forget and forgiven principle:During the Sino-Japanese war, (Readers please see Miss Iris Chang- The Rape of  Nanking- The Forgotten Holocaust of World II), China lost vast of national fortune and millions precious lives of Chinese, many common Chinese treated this war as one of few greatest human tragedy happened in China. However, Nationalist Generalissimo Chiang Kai shek and Red China Mao, forgot and forgave the Japanese. Almost 99% of Sino-Japanese  war victim or their relatives got nothing form Japan, even an apology is rare and the Communist Party even restrains some civil protest against Japan in memorizing the massacre of Nanking .  Now you know , I know, the CCHINA and Japan will form  a cooperation to drill oil in the Chinese claimed East China Sea. CCHINA let Japan military ship cruise in their Diao yu Islands (Japan called Senkaku Shoto)  and 200 sea mile range, is public knowledge and fact. The CCHINA admitted the unequal treaty signed by the Tsar Emperor of Russia and The Qing Dynasty, the Chinese Communist party peacefully transfers a vast of  land, which  China owned in Siberia to Russia in recently. I do not know why the West still complain about CCHINA, just ask the Japanese and Russia, it is easy to do business or take advantage form CCHINA. The second noted  diplomatic principle, "take  a stone and strike your own feet" (the Chinese Comrade like this Chinese proverb):  From the Franch Colonial era in Vietnam,  CCHINA helped North Vietnam to liberate South Vietnam to become the united Vietnam. Let alone the death figures of  People’s Republic Army, the prices tag for this help is astronomical, in money value term greater than total  American spent in South Vietnam. The CCHINA got nothing, instead a cannon fired back from North Vietnam. After Deng Xiaoping "teach –Vietnam- a lesson"  war with north Vietnam, that did not prevent North Vietnam drills oil and claim oil field in China’s  South  China Sea.  The other Communist good Brother North Korea is  smart too, Senior Kim II- sung fooled Mao and dragged Mao’s army  with  him to gamble to invade south. Korean war thus broken. West only calculates the huge loss about west. CCHINA  lost in money and life is not less than West and South Korea combined. Again the figure is astronomical even the CCCParty members admit it was astronomical.  Don’t ask the exact figure,! NYTime Paul Krugman will give you answer, CCHINA’s figure is not worth trusted ! A national secret is reveled here, even in the greatest difficulty  famine era in 1960 and during culture revolution, CCHINA still gave unconditionally aid to his brother North Korea Kim.  Of Course, under the generosity ,CCHINA helped Kim to build the Atomic bomb. Did you hear US will help Mexico to build Atomic bomb? Never!  South Korea rarely complains, they know, after the two Korea united, the Atomic bomb will aim at CChina first!My dear West friends! Don’t you know the self-sacrificed  CCHINA, they can give you land , oil, and atomic bomb for nothing!  Under the above tow principles, CCHINA presently still lends huge  aid in South America and Africa. Take it for free please. Confucius people: Chinese mostly a humble, and most kind people in the world. Under near half-century of  the iron,  and ruthless purge , inhuman rule of Communism in China. Most of common people are still Confucius-mined Chinese. The suffered Japanese war,  great famine in 1960era, Korean War, Cultural Revolution, Vietnam war! The consistent torture by communist party member, the severity is much more than Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s description in  his Books " One day in a life of Ivan Denisovich" or ‘Gulag Archipelago".  Until recently, Deng xiao-ping adopted pragmatic policy, to open CCHINA a bit more in Economy. The peaceful, and Confucius-minded common Chinese  temperately forget or forgive the Communist rule of life. Whloeheartedly, they start to work like a school of ants in the tiny, less safety and some polluted factories, most invested by the British nourished big , small  Hong Kong ,Taiwan Tycoon. 7 Day and nights a week, 8 to 12 hours  a day, consistently  they work and work. Their aims is to give their children best education, best hope, to be a integrity, have a value of Confucianism  person in the future. American friends , do not blame CCHINA for its one trillion US-owned debt. The Confucius Chinese achieve it by   "eat bitterness", hardworking and  to earn  family a few American dollars a day-and –night working  spirit. Now at least,  you know that the Confucius-mined Chinese deserve an Olympics, a peaceful one would be better.  You may insult or take advantage from the CCHINA government, like to build a "Egyptian mummy" like  Beijing’s National Stadium (Known every one as bird’s nest) in Beijing or the "Chinese Tomb" shape , The National Center for the Performing Arts near Tiananmen Square.  My educated guess, a great possibility, the both Architects, Swiss Jacques Herzog and  Piere de Meuron for Mummy Sports Stadium and the French architect Paul Andreu for the Tomb Art Performing center. One or all will laugh at 2008, 8,8. I suspect one or both including the Egyptian Mummy Sports Stadium and Chinese Tomb art center are the monumental arts to build to memorize the tragedy of June, 4, 1989 in Beijing,  Tiananmen Square.   Yes! It is easy to take advantage from the Communist Comrades. They know nothing about Feng sui. The Communist Comrades even love Tomb and mummy in their Capital ! They are anti-religion, right? Readers. Especially , at nigh, when the light see through from out side of Tomb and Mummy sports stadium, you will agree with my educated guesses- Egyptian Mummy Stadium and Chinese Tomb!! 

So, pay respect to the common and Confucius-mined Chinese, give them a peaceful Olympics. They invented Golf (Scots, please do not complain, show me your evidence) and Soccer (Britain admit this please), Chinese  is  sports loving  races, they deserve 2008 Olympics. Let a lone the Human rights issue for a while, you never insult a  Chinese in his "Wedding day!" . Confucianism! If you do, all Chinese will  never forget and forgive that.  Though some of the party members of CCHINA may not!


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