Coffee, Tea Or Revolution?

With all the subtlety of Lou Dobbs taking on illegal immigration, the ad-hoc Tea Party movement will reach a climax tomorrow with a slurry of protests--2,007 at the time of writing--to decry the emergence of big government and rising taxes. But what are they protesting exactly?

Taxed Enough Already, one of the many online organizing arms of the movement, pays homage to the revolutionary America bringing Thomas Paine back from the dead to school listeners on the evils of taxation, federal largess, and the need for a "national discussion of values and principles." The guy playing Paine is not happy clearly and proposes a scrappy resistance movement to take on Uncle Sam.

Though reportedly non-partisan, tea parties have attracted a number of (living) conservative backers including Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, but the right-wing populist tone of the movement seems hardly substantiated in the GOP's overall health at the moment.

As one San Francisco Chronicle writer clarifies, "Conservatives lost. American voters elected a big spender and, one way or another, Americans will have to pay for his agenda. The Obama tax hikes on Americans earning more than $250,000 have yet to materialize - but when they do, they'll be taxation with representation."

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