Christians and logic

or the impossibility of Jesus. Is there a point to debating a cult that refuses to accept the tenets of logic, which proves their god cannot exist in the form they posit?

Christians assert their god can do anything? For those of us not under the spell of the invisible sky wizard of love, this is a big claim. Given that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence what is the value of a debate when Jesus adherants cannot admit logic into the equation.

For the benefit of newer contributors the denied logic is revealed in what is known as the paradox. Put simply Xtians must put their god beyond logic in order to maintain belief. Logic proves that such a god as Jesus in the form most often offered cannot exist. Follow the bouncing ball......

Q: Can Jesus create something over which he has no control?

A: Yes, he can do anything. Then he is not all powerful if there is something he can't control. 

A: No. Then he is not all powerful.

That's it.... a simple exercise in logic, known to Greek and Roman philosophers over 2500 years ago is enough to deny the possibility of an omnsicient, omnipotent god such as Jesus.

Is there any point debating with cultists who cannot accept simple rules of logic?

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