censure does that allow freespeach?

posted as a hoped for assurance for freedom to speak perportedly given to all

[ok yeah once bitten twice shy]

one annonimouse complaint saw my freespeech [and 5000 posts censured at yahoo[answers community][one years worth of ideas stolen] so yes there is an underlying reason behind these thoughts]

reporting abuse [is the grey button extreem right in line with the base] [so many things are unique here at think big]

 i think most of us know abuse when we see it using the reporting button shouldnt be able to be abused [and posters and simply readers ] should have equal empowerment in using it

it [the reporting of abuse]is a remidy of what is percieved as bias , or threat, or insult ,clearly in pushing it some real event or incident is being reported ,unfortunayly this isnt allways the case

there is in this word [unfortuinatly] serial complainers who for thier own reasoning or fear seek to use the system to supress others speach ,by using thier own motivations to systematiclly abuse others

many use other id's, work in groups ,and serve special intrest groups ,it would be hoped that these persons not control the development of big idea via thier fears , any complaint should see both parties being consulted as well as a reviewal of thier variable postings

any complained againt should be allowed to prove thier honest bonifidies by being allowed to prove [via links or adresses thier previous postings her or at other sites] or other referances they feel may help get to the reality of the real problem

if real offense is proved certain banning should result perhaps by flagging thier name /postings under the title of serial abuser [or serial complainer however the case may be ]
the complaint must be fullsone ,and remain attatched with the offending post ,in complaining no idea can be subverted or stolen or suppressed [only flaged and tagged ] the whole idea and the results become part of the whole big idea, others being allowed to judge for them selves the verasity of both sides

annonimouse complaints [where auto censure is enforced , is a violation of everyones freec speech ,]
if you protest [as we all must ,if we see wrong and dont feel secure in trying to fix it this inherantly is via missunderstanding or previous abuses
 it must be by both parties knowing it is part of the expansion of the origonal idea] that both will balance each other out
either way posting and complaint will remain linked [and posted],

but a copy of them [complained for /against , will be installed in its special containment page ,complaint pages

, so others may further expand [defend ] each point, and see the real abuse and the systemised abuses revealed on other sites not become the norm here

free speech isnt free , but censure of peoples ideas cannot be hidden or subverted but will be in fullness and fairness to both pareties be contained here

moderators comments form and shape the further development of all ideas ,but of course thier discretion and supreem right is the final arvetration

people knowing thier ideas cant ever be suypressed [only correected]will hopefully ensure honesty is able to be ensured to the greater higher good our enjoined true freespeech [a true big idea] enshrines

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