Cell Recycling Theory

Last night as I was falling asleep, I thought of a much needed term for the research into apoptosis I'm scheming.

Since I'm a proponent for immortality just like Ray Kurzweil himself, and plan on using genomic medicine specifically stem cell technology to "reactivate" areas of primary growth constantly in my own body repeatedly over time (instead of allowing it to occur naturally and only once, hence cheating nature) I've needed a simple, catchy, and most importantly "friendly" term for this process. Most people just aren't on my level, and will never be able to understand things on the level and to the depth that I am so easily able to; experimenting on myself = genius. I mean, after I found out I'm a genius it was the biggest ego boost I ever got, simply because I realized that everything I say, write, think, and do are all the actions of a genius.

Anyways, For a while, I had been calling my process "balance cell birth with cell death" but that's way too inefficient and verbose, so I'm switching to a term that is much easier for people to say and remember- cell recycling.

Since I'm on a recycling tip, today I was thinking about Steven Hawking, his new theories about dark matter and energy, black holes, white holes, and universes where information is either lost or preserved (the new theory that states ultimately, only universes in which information is preserved will be the only universes left existing as universal time continues). It seems like galaxies look a lot like toilet bowl water gong down the drain, which makes me think of recycling. Maybe black holes are another example of recycling, death, and rebirth in the universe.

Then today as I was walking down the street, another genius scheme popped into my head, one that had never been there before. Synthesize a new vector (perhaps a genetic "hodge podge" of genes from bacteria, viruses, protists AND/OR fungi) to be infinitely virulent, and systematically release it throughout the world, becoming the most effective bio terrorist to date. The world is overdue for a global pandemic, and let's face it, most people serve no purpose.

Why do I know that sum1 like me should be able to do things like this? I'm divine, the only one who knows what's good and bad. Btw, there's only 1 type of good, but infinite kinds of bad. Stand on the shoulders of giants.

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